Week 22a- Already?

I just realized the post I made the other day was for last week and not this week. Week flew by due to the eye issue previously discussed. Three days of basically laying on the couch. Spent the last couple days catching up on the week. Not really much to add at this point so it is off to bed. I will try to get back and finish later on.
Till next time, or an update.


Week 22-Ups and Downs

Started out the week all reved up and ready to go. Then, Mon got shot down by a real estate agent when I tried to get an offer in on a house. He doubled ended a deal and aced out a few other offers before they got submitted by the deadline. So moved on somewhat ok from the experience.
Started putting the final touches on a Heroes on the Water fishing day for Fri. Heroes on the Water(HOW) provides therapy and relaxation for injured veterans and active duty injured military through kayak fishing. We ended up taking 14 troops out on the water Fri for a great day of fishing. Not many caught, but that is secondary to just being out on the water. We fed the vets breakfast burritos prepared right there on the spot by our resident club member and HOW cook. After fishing for several hours we opened up the taco shack for lunch and then got some of them back out othe water. All of this is free to the attendees. That was the best part of the entire week.
Sat turned back to my responsibilities of getting the race car back in shape for Sundays race. After finishing the car Berta and I headed out to a crab feed to raise funds for a local fire department. On the way home my eye started bothering me and got worse as the night went on. The race was not good because I had a hard time seeing at 125MPH and lost the first round. Been laid out on the couch with a very painful eye since then and finally feel well enough to post last weeks blog tonight. Now you know why I was so late with week 22. The week went from good to bad to good to bad. Looking forward to the remainder of this week being on the exceptional side.
Till next time.

Week 21- Closer, But Still Late

I’m closer to the target date this week! I changed up who I am following this week. At least I got one assignment done on time. I have been guilty of not commenting every week on my followed blogs. I will try to be better this go around. If you are new to following me just remember I will get to posting in time. I am guilty of missing or finishing these assignments late, but I really don’t have too much regret. Sorry if this upsets some of you, but that is just me. I have always done things my way, usually on my schedule. I’m still here, so I guess at least that shows I still care to finish what I started.
Till next time.

Week 20-I Did It Again

Well, obviously I’m late again. It is just so hard for me to keep up with everything I need to be doing. I keep saying the same thing every week and I really hate to be saying this. I’m trying to keep up with reading, blogging, webcasts, and everything else we are supposed to be doing. Personally I would rather see a week night like Monday for the webcast. If I could do these live I would be more inclined to be more on track. I am just super busy and I can not make Sundays work most of the time. I need to watch the replays and even that is hard to do. Last week was a good one because I got a lot of stuff done. I was focused on the things I needed to get done last week and most things were accomplished. Topped off the week on Sunday winning another race. It has been a while but when I am focused on that I am hard to stop. I’m done whining so it is off to watch the replay and do last weeks survey.

Till next time.

Week 19-Good Week

This will be short and to the point. As I said last week conventions are a must. This week I’ve been fired up a bit more than lately in my MLM business since our convention last weekend. It has bled over to my real estate business too. I’ve just been more focused this week and have been able to get things done. Still a long ways to go, but both are moving forward. Now, just a little more focus here with MKMMA and I will be doing even better.

Till next week.

Week 18-It Was a Good Weekend

We had a company convention this past weekend. I really had no desire to go. I had no one on my team going, and felt a little like a failure. It was paid for and Berta really wanted me to go, so I did. Luckily Sundays points race was rained out so I did not miss that too since racing this year has been good. Anyway, back to convention. I am re-motivated again to get my network marketing business growing like it should. I have not missed one since beginning and now I remember why. Just seeing my friends from around the country do well makes me happy and gives me hope again. I can say this business has been in the background since getting back to looking at properties. I see again how I can incorporate both businesses together at times now. I know that if I don’t go to every convention it will most likely cause my businesses to slow or even fail. How many times have I been told this? More than I can remember. By every leader I have ever had contact with. Including the Laziest Networker, Mark J, who by the way does not seem to be too lazy. So, if I can leave you with anything here, it is this. No matter what it takes, where it takes you, and how much it costs, get to your next convention. I ended up up hearing several key things that I can use in both businesses. Who knew? All company leaders know. 

Till next time. 

Week17a-Another Deadline Missed

It is amaking how  we are supposed to follow our compass and not our clock, and I miss a deadline. I was just doing what we were told. I guess I really don’t watch the clock. I dont like deadlines either. I don’t really care what day it is because I am on my own schedule most of the time. I guess since I have been on my own schedule for the past 30 years and for the most part never worked an hourly schedule, I get things completed when they move to the top of the priority list. I went to a real estate meet and greet Fri night because my friends wife just got her RE licensee and knows I invest. She needed company at this function and i took advantage of the invite. That took precedence over other things because that is where my focus needs to be at this time. I got home and did a few things for the RE business and completely forgot  it was Fri and this Blog entry was due. So, after catching my personal best bass today I realized it was Sat and I needed to write this. Another week, another entry complete.

   Till next time